AMERIND Risk’s Tribal Workers’ Compensation coverage is a cost-effective Tribal alternative to State Statutory Workers’ Compensation provided through corporate insurance companies. AMERIND Risk has over 28 years of successful history in delivering safe, secure, sustainable and affordable insurance solutions for Indian Country. Most of these services have been in response to the lack of availability and affordability of insurance coverage for Tribes from the corporate marketplace. To qualify for coverage, a Tribal entity need only be domicile in Indian Country. At AMERIND Risk, we emphasize risk management, and risk pooling as the most cost effective methods for protecting life and property in Indian Country.

The concept behind the Tribal Workers’ Compensation coverage is relatively simple, but effective nonetheless. There are two primary components to protecting workers. One is the coverage and the other is how you finance the risk of coverage or claims. Large Tribes figured this out long ago. Many of the larger Tribes in Indian Country developed their own coverage in the form of a Worker Benefit or Compensation Ordinance. Since they were not bound by State Workers’ Compensation Statutes (laws), they formed their own law to provide rich benefits to employees, while protecting the Tribal treasury with safeguards for runaway claims present in the State System. The financing of this risk (self-funding), was determined with actuarial support and funded by a special account established by the Tribe. Catastrophic loss protection or Excess Worker Benefit/Compensation coverage (Excess of $350,000) was put into place to protect the fund from large, unforeseen events. Because these Tribes are large, they have the ability to fund for predictable risk.

What AMERIND Risk has created with Tribal Workers’ Compensation, is a method for small and medium sized Tribes to enjoy the benefits that larger Tribes enjoy. Rather than individually funding like a large Tribe, these smaller Tribal entities share the risk financing. The Coverage Document acts as a Tribal Ordinance and protects the Tribe from runaway claims cost, much like the Tribal law that exists. The AMERIND Risk Tribal Workers’ Compensation product has been in place for over 9 years and has a Third Party Administrator with over 25 years’ of experience in Tribal Workers’ Compensation.

Protection of Sovereignty
Traditional State Workers’ Compensation coverage is provided on the basis that “one size fits all”. The insurance policy that you purchase does not provide the Tribe protection, but authorizes the insurance company to pay claim benefits based upon what is required by a State law. Given Tribes’ sovereign status, we believe it is inappropriate for a Tribe to be required to adopt State law or to come under the jurisdiction of a State for any reason other than by choice.

Coverage is designed for Tribal Businesses, Governments and Housing located within Indian Country. Not unlike the state mandated workers’ compensation, we provide benefits for the following:

  • Medical Cost
  • Lost Wages
  • Funeral Expense
  • Disability Expense

AMERIND Risk is owned by over 400 different Tribes; therefore, we understand historical and cultural differences among Tribes and the importance those differences play in the Tribal decision making process. Our Tribal Workers’ Compensation product is flexible and was built from the ground up. We listen to our Tribal participants rather than forcing you into a “one size fits all” approach. We are interested in your approach to covering employee injuries and how you would like your plan positioned.

Cost and Expense Reduction
The ultimate aim of AMERIND Risk is to provide you with maximum control and reduction of your employee injury expense. We achieve this while assuring that you still have the ability to attract and retain valuable employees. You control this through either your Tribal ordinance or through modification of our coverage form. Further, because AMERIND Risk is tax exempt and free from State rules, laws and regulation, our cost of operation is typically 10-15% less than corporate insurance companies. This translates to significant savings to you. In addition, we emphasize arbitration hearing rather than lengthy court battles, hence saving you and the plan significant legal expense.

The AMERIND Risk Tribal Workers’ Compensation coverage is a risk pool program that is designed specifically for Tribes, and offers excellent protection for your employees at a reduced cost while allowing exercise of Tribal Sovereignty. Our Tribal Workers’ Compensation is a Tribal alternative to State workers compensation and keeps money circulating in Indian Country.

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Please feel free to download and print the 2017 TWC Rack Card which provides a summary of this coverage.