Our professional underwriters are familiar with Indian Country because many call Indian Country home. The success of economic development on reservations is directly related to access to affordable insurance and sustainable hazard protection tools. AMERIND Risk’s insurance coverages were designed for Tribes, by Tribes. To ensure success and fulfill our promise to pay claims, in the event of a covered loss, we quantify the amount of expected losses and calculate a premium that will be adequate to pay losses for all programs. Underwriting risk exists only if there is a reasonable expectation that some risk will produce losses and others will not. Therefore, AMERIND Risk has a large spread of risk or risk distribution throughout Indian Country in over 32 States.

We are flexible and focus on our Tribes and Tribal customers’ needs. We do not force you into a program that doesn’t fit your coverage requirements. Our customers pick and choose their own coverage type. We are aware of cultural differences and decision making variations within our Tribes. AMERIND Risk approaches each Tribe and/or Tribal customer with respect, which is the corner stone of our values.

We represent so many unique Tribes. Therefore, we understand the historical and cultural differences amongst those Tribes. We also understand that these differences play an important role in the Tribal decision making process.

Our Underwriting team utilizes an evaluation process in which we identify the best methods for protecting life and property in your community. We may recommend one or more of the following methods:

1. Avoidance
2. Separation
3. Retention
4. Risk Prevention
5. Risk Control
6. Risk transference by contract
7. Risk transference using insurance