It’s time for the Annual AMERIND Risk National Safety Poster Contest! We encourage every Housing Authority or TDHE to sponsor a Poster Contest locally and support their children’s efforts. As it was mentioned last year, the theme is Safety! We encourage Fire Safety posters to be submitted but we promote other safety issues. Any type of Safety themed poster will be considered for entry.

(Supporting documents are available for download at the bottom of this page.)


Congratulations to our 2016 Winners!

2016-Safety-Poster-Contest-Winner-Grade-K-3-Kylee-Lussier-(Red-Lake) K-3 Grade:
Kaylee Lussier (Red Lake)


2016-Safety-Poster-Contest-Winner-Grade-4-6-Jaelyn-Pierce-(Sault-Tribe-Chippewa)4-6 Grade:
Jaelyn Pierce (Sault Tribe Chippewa)


2016-Safety-Poster-Contest-Winner-Grade-7-8-Jada-Davann-Orr-(Spokane)7-8 Grade:
Jada Davann Orr (Spokane)



2017 Safety Poster Contest Information and Entry Form

2017 Safety Poster Contest Procedures

2017 Safety Poster Contest Entry Form

2017 Safety Poster Contest Entry Form for Housing Authority


If you have any questions, please call the AMERIND Risk Safety Team at (800) 352-3496.

The purpose of AMERIND’s annual poster contest is to promote Fire Safety in our communities.  We thank all of the young children who have participated this year.

Please contact AMERIND’s Safety Team if you have any questions.