How AMERIND Risk Protects Indian Country at a Lower Cost

As seen in Tribal Business Journal


Revenue sharing allows states to take a cut of tribal casino money without directly taxing tribal income. There is no reason for tribal governments and businesses to pay corporate insurance providers more in policy fees to compensate for state and local taxes. Instead,...

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In the Competitive Insurance World, Only One Provider Truly Gets Indian Country

As seen in Indian Country Magazine AMERIND Risk is owned by tribes that pool their resources to assert control of their sovereignty and economic destiny  AMERIND Risk was founded on the principle of Tribes believing, protecting and investing in themselves. More than 400 tribes created AMER- IND Risk in 1986 in response to an insurance crisis in Indian...
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Evaluating Your Tribal Casino’s Insurance Coverage

As seen in Indian Gaming Magazine There is a lot to consider when it comes to protecting tribal property and employees and covering liability exposures. The following are some key points to consider when evaluating your insurance coverages.

Monitor Rising Premium Rates

Controlling expenses is pivotal for tribal casinos, which spend more than half of their operating costs on payroll...
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